A World-Class Online Learning Experience with Life Skills Management Curriculum

Our online-accessible courses walk students through our proven Life Skills Management curriculum. Contact our team to learn more about how we can tailor the roll-out of our curriculum for your organization. 

About the Workbook | 3rd edition

The life skills curriculum has been taught by prestigious educational institutions such as University of Floridaand University of South Florida Athletic “Champs and Life Skills” DepartmentsThis curriculum is also designed for high school and middle school institutions that promote and teach life skills to their students as an elective course.

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An Online Educational Platform Presenting Life Skills Management Courses For Students & Teachers

We now live in a digital age and today’s learners have different needs. Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, but outside of it as well.

Cross Academy LMS, 3rd Edition, is a proven program focused on character, college, career development and life skills education. The mission is a educational platform designed to empower students to reach their highest academic and athletic potential, inspiring personal excellence.

Cross Academy LMS provides educational enrichment programs and activities for students that teach goal setting, financial literacy, nutrition, character enhancement, social media awareness, promote ethics & responsibility, assess careers and encourage participation to build principals to success.


Core Fundamentals & Curriculum Overview

This Learning Management System includes development of web-ready content that is both accessible and mobile to our targeted environment. Content components would include text, graphics, lecture videos, and interactive media (where appropriate).

Topics Explored via online-accessible modules Include:

  • Character Building & Communication

  • Leadership Skills & Ethics

  • Principles of Success & Balancing Life

  • Making Career Decisions

  • Understanding Contracts & Agreements

  • Dressing for Success & Interviewing Tips

  • Understanding Your Finances

  • Goal Setting Activities