See what Students, Instructors and Organizations Have to Say About Cross Academy LMS

For Teachers / Professors

  • No more carrying...

    … photocopying, grading stacks of paper and writing comments.All of this can be done online for your assignments, tests and quizzes whenever wherever you are.

  • It’s easy to learn and use:

    Cross Academy LMS is not overloaded with complicated features and presents a user-friendly interface.

  • Great platform for Blended Learning initiatives:

    If you are looking for digital content in your curriculum Cross Academy LMS may be a perfect fit.

  • Enhanced learning:

    In today’s classrooms, there is often limited time to cover topics fully.


  • Digital citizenship:

    Cross Academy LMS provides teachers the opportunity to teach responsible interaction via digital means, reinforcing good digital communication among students.

  • Ability to stay connected with students:

    From snow days, natural disasters, extended absences, holidays, vacation or just attending to a conference, teachers are able to be connected with their students.

  • Time saving.

    Imagine you have to grade 180 tests comprising 30 multiple choice questions each! Cross Academy LMS will do it for you.

  • Safe environment:

    This is a process which gives full control to the teachers/professors for managing the classes. Cross Academy LMS addresses the fundamental concerns of privacy and safety. The content created within the digital classes can be viewed by the class members only.

  • Support:

    The support Cross Academy LMS team offers is amazing! We get back to any queries within 24 hours.

For Students

  • Cross Academy LMS promotes student confidence.

    Students who are not comfortable speaking up in the classroom can open up online.

  • Online learning promotes collaborative exploration...

    … and critical thinking and fosters deeper understanding among students towards the subject matter.

  • Students can submit quizzes and see their results

  • Students build independent and responsible learning...

    … by logging in to view and submit assignments and hence monitor progress. This is something they would normally experience in college and in their careers.

  • Online resources and materials stored in digital classes are at the fingertips of the students.

  • The platform is so easy that lower elementary students can be taught to use it.

  • Students enjoy the interaction Cross Academy LMS brings in the classroom on this 24/7 online environment.