Faculty Training Program


Join us to assist you with the development of online Faculty Training programs that allows our software team to develop learning management system (LMS) for Education Workforce Departments and adjunct professors.

The purpose of the Learning Management System is to have a one-stop shop for all resources for Off Campus Program adjunct faculty members and facilities. There are adjunct faculty members spread across many satellite off campus locations throughout the country who teach at various times of the academic year.

Cross Academy LMS has been chosen as the online training of choice to service adjunct professors. The purpose is to design and develop online training programs, department resources, discussion boards for professors and adjunct faculty to learn and stay abreast of policies and procedures specific to off campus teaching and satellite campuses. Our team has developed platforms that are user friendly for higher education departments and institutions.

REASONS FOR NEED: Satellite locations for Training Programs Technology and Software.

  1. Department policies change and impact students’ class attendance and participation in the program;
  2. There may be campus satellite closures due to in-climate weather; and
  3. Student deployments impact students attendance and participation. Faculty need to know how to handle these situations and how to communicate situations to head campus. Department policies change as well, and there are university procedures that faculty must learn and adopt, including the use of forms for travel reimbursement, grade changes, attendance notification, etc.
  4. Locations may also include military bases where Department of Defense policies change and impact military students’ class attendance and participation in the program