About Us

About Us

Cross Academy LMS, 3rd Edition, is a proven program focused on character, college, career development and life skills education. The mission is a educational platform designed to empower students to reach their highest academic and athletic potential, inspiring personal excellence.

The vision is to provide a fundamental life skills learning management system to enhance educational institutions, athletic departments, virtual schools and youth programs.

Cross Academy LMS provides educational enrichment programs and activities for students that teach goal setting, financial literacy, nutrition, character enhancement, social media awareness, promote ethics & responsibility, assess careers and encourage participation to build principals to success.

Cross Academy is the choice of Life Skills Curriculum, a world-class online learning experience. Voted one of the Top Life Skill Curriculums! This Learning Management System includes development of web-ready content that is both accessible and mobile to our targeted environment. Content components would include text, graphics, lecture videos, and interactive media (where appropriate).

Cross Life Skills Management has strategically designed a content “push” system that automatically sends assignments to enrolled students on a custom-designed delivery schedule. This proactively keeps students engaged, while a “Smart” delivery feature allows subsequent content to be delivered by instructor/facilitator upon audience response only. Our system integrates with all media types, including audio, images, and video.

The online learning management system enables its members to archive all of their class work in a simple, secure, organized fashion. Optional forums offer the ability to interact easily with students and the instructor. Our built in assessment tools allow administrators to build custom assessments and assignments with an auto archive feature.

Assessments such as quizzes and exams will assess learner mastery. Cross Academy LMS Pre and Post Tests assessments will be given to collect data for beta testing. Upon completion of the course, learners will receive a completion certificate.

The original hardcopy version of Cross Academy Life Skills Management has been rebranded and converted to a 8 module digital learning guide to accommodate and supplement the online needs of educational institutions, youth programs and athletic departments. We are growing tremendously and it is vital that our organization is equipped with a team that can help us carry out our mission.

The life skills curriculum has been taught by prestigious educational institutions such as University of Florida and University of South Florida Athletic “Champs and Life Skills” Departments. This curriculum is also designed for high school and middle school institutions that promote and teach life skills to their students as an elective course.

Our experienced technical team partners can customize our online curriculum to cater to institutions with custom school logo, colors, banners, banner ads, fonts and custom page creation. Our built in registration system allows easy virtual (i.e. tele-seminar or webinar) or live classroom sign in and registration and tracking to monitor all students whether in class online or out of class online.

Founder and President Dan Cross (University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame Member) teams up to offer the ultimate life skills curriculum of choice and learning management system that will ultimately prepare students for life. Contributing editors Dr. Harold Shinitzky (sports psychologist), Jacqui Williams LMFT, Dr. Keith Carodine (Former University of Florida Senior Associate Athletic Director of Academic Affairs).

Dan Cross
Cross Academy LMS